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Taihu Bay New Century Hotel

Taihu Bay New Century Hotel, a resort segmen hotel constructed and designed according to the international five star standard, is located in the beautiful scene of Taihu lake.

The hotel closely linked to Xiyi highway, Shanghai-Nanjing expressway and Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway. The transportation is convenient, and there is only 5 minutes drive to the Global animation joyland , only 10 minutes drive to Wuxi Lingshan Grand Buddha. In the Spring and Autumn Period, it belonged to Wu, now you can overlook the ancient battlefield of the war between Wu and Yue, and take a close sight of many human landscapes like the historic remains where Wu Zixu resisted the enemy.

There are 193 luxury rooms in different types, and Chinese and western restaurants in different styles, 13 elegant boxes in which you can enjoy the scenes of lake and mountains, 8 conferences facilities with different sizes, and the largest multifunctional banqueting hall with 450 squre meters. And it is also equipped with the first-class and complete facilities like swimming pool, tennis court, parking lot, pediluvium, gym, KTV, chess and card rooms. Taihu Bay New Century Hotel sets a good example among Changzhou resort hotels by its comfortable atmosphere, elegant decoration and customer-friendly service.