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Happy Farmhouse: New Choice for Sheltering at Taihu Bay

One day is not enough for you to appreciate the beautiful scenery. In such a case, would you like to sleep at the Taihu Bay listening to the billows? Today the homepage administrator recommends you a new place for sheltering at the Taihu Bay. It is the Courtyard Xu, a food street of Hui Village located in the west part of the city. Here the housekeeping department has just been established and everything shows the freshness of the happy farmhouses. Will you be amazed the same way as I am? The newly built housekeeping department is behind the Courtyard Xu, in which grapes are uniquely designed to be dotted on the grape trellis. Although only a few sparse rattans can still be seen at the moment, the courtyard is full of vigor and charm.

Swinging, drinking tea and chatting, each guest room enables you to have your own leisure paradise. What's more, the small courtyard on the first floor and the balcony on the second floor can meet customers' different needs. There are 21 guest rooms in total in the Courtyard Xu, of which 6 guest rooms are furnished with King-sized beds, 6 are family-sized and 9 are standard rooms.

After a day's journey at the Taihu Bay, as you come back to the courtyard with a little tiredness, you may order several plates of local delicacies that sticks to your ribs, and then play with the host/hostess' lovely dog at the door or step to the front to swing for a while, or chat with your family. Go off to dreamland accompanied by the twitting of autumn insects and wake up the next morning, stretch your waist, inhale fresh air of the mountain and have a mouthful of sweet rice gruel... Such kind of life isn’t what you have been desiring?