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National Dragon Boat Competition Base

The national Dragon Boat Competition Base is located on the southwest position of Taihu Lake Bay Tourist Resort. Wujin Taihu lake bay was awarded as” the national Dragon Boat Competition Base” by the Leisure Sports Administrative Center of the General Administration of sport of China and China Dragon Boat Association in May 2008 .

There are standard dragon boat races and permanent eco stands in the base. Standard dragon boat race is about 2.8 meters deep, 500 meters long, of which there are 4 main channels, and 1 subchannel for refree use. Every year the base holds the top-level Chinese Dragon Boat Competition which is the highest level, the highest competitive level, the highest total prize, the most influential in the country. CCTV Sports Channel brings on complete live videos reports. Among those competitions, the base has successfully held domestic and international dragon boat races for 9 consecutive years, such as” Wanze Cup”, “Jiuzhou Cup” and “Kuangda Cup”. The international dragon boat race will be held here in 2016