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The China Xiao Dao Park

The China Xiao Dao Park is located on Lue Bay,the most beautiful bay of the Taihu lake seven bays. The park covers a total area of 860 mu, facing the Taihu lake, leaning against lue mountain chain.

The China Xiao Dao Park is the first filial piety cultural large scenic spot in our country, and also the only filial temple. The only three Guanyin in the country, the first grotto in the south of yangtze river and the first ancestral hall of hundred familynames in the south of yangtze river are all in this park. Besides, the park has other three treasures to let visitors feel the three cultures of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and to know how to ask, to see, to know, to understand, and benignity.

The park relys on the lue Temple, the historic site of over 1600 years, bases on filial piety and ancestors worship, sets filial allusions in all periods as examples, aims at promoting the spirit of Chinese filial piety. And the park’s charactoristics are Guanyin culture and ancestors worship culture. Therefore, here is the comprehensive cultural tourism scenic spot covers ancestor worship, pray to buddha, enlightenment education and tourism.


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